F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center

Detention Center

2550 West Franklin Rd.
Norman, OK 73069
Ph: 405-701-7700
Fx: 405-701-7825

    Sheriff Joseph Lester and his employees have always felt it was important for families to be able to spend time with their loved ones who were incarcerated in the Detention Center. Since it’s opening, the Detention Center has had one of the most liberal visitation schedules in the state which allowed ample visitation with inmates inside. A rising jail population has resulted in a situation that will necessitate altering that schedule. Due to increased inmate numbers, additional phone traffic for the scheduling of visits, daily care and movement of more inmates, and the strain on Detention Center personnel, this schedule will change on Monday, April 17, 2017.

    Visitors will now only be allowed to visits inmates 1 time per week. Inmates will be allowed to have 2 visitors per week. This should assist us in the handling the additional inmates and associated calls and scheduling without degrading any care or safety of the inmates ordered into our care. This should also help alleviate visitors from being unable to get visits due to certain visitation times already being full. We are posting this information at the Detention Center, on the main lobby doors, by the receptionist windows, and will continue to make notifications through social media, our website, and other resources available to us. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support. Full list of the visitation rules can be found here.

    Sheriff Joseph K. Lester

As a division of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, the F. Dewayne Beggs Detention center is devoted to safeguarding our community, inmates, and staff.

Our detention staff consists of motivated professionals with the highest levels of integrity who work to uphold our core values of firm, fair, and consistent. The division administration provides to our employees. career development, participative decision making, and continuous improvement to the facility, training curriculums, and safety standards.

We work to meet the needs of the courts, fellow law enforcement agencies, and our citizens. The Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the State of Oklahoma are adhered to.

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