Criminal Investigations Detachment (CID)

Who We Are

The Criminal Investigations Detachment (CID) is a department within the Operations Division. CID employs 6 full time law enforcement professionals, all who have specialized training in criminal investigations. CID is supervised by a Captain. CID assignments are General and Special Investigations. CID responds to, processes, and investigates all major crimes.

What We Do

General Assignment Detectives are responsible for investigating incidents involving crimes against persons, crimes against property, and all other crimes against the public. Special Investigations encompass crimes against children, fugitive apprehension, domestic violence/sexual assault, polygraph, and drug related crimes. CID personnel are trained in numerous investigative techniques to include crime scene analysis and reconstruction, crime scene processing, bloodstain pattern analysis, and the collection of key evidence to include DNA, gunshot residue, latent prints, footwear impressions, etc.

The CID is committed to providing the citizens of Cleveland County with an investigative response that is timely and thorough. Every reported incident is reviewed for possible assignment to a Detective. Each report is subjected to a solvability formula that assigns points to various factors and determines which incidents have the most likely chance for a successful investigative resolution.

CID is also constantly working with other members of the Sheriff’s Office and other Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Oklahoma.

Man Taking a Polygraph Test

How to Contact Us

  • Headquarters, Downtown, Norman, OK
    • 128 South Peters Ave
  • Main Phone: 405-701-8888
  • CID Phone: 405-701-8719