Who We Are

Patrol is the largest department within the Operations Division. Patrol employs 28 full time law enforcement professionals. Patrol is considered by law enforcement agencies to be the “backbone” of police work. Patrol consists of 4 shifts, supervised by a Captain and Lieutenant. The day shift is from 0600 a.m. to 0600 p.m., with the night shift being from 0600 p.m. to 0600 a.m. Patrol deputies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Patrol Deputies understand that citizen’s impute is needed to help us provide the best law enforcement service possible. Through partnerships with our community and working together, we hope to secure the best quality of life for all of Cleveland County.

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How to Contact Us

  • Substation, Slaugtherville, OK
    • Phone: 405-701-8204
  • Headquarters, Downtown, Norman, OK
    • 128 South Peters Ave
    • Phone: 405-701-8888
  • Dispatch Phone: 405-701-8916
  • You may also contact Patrol by an Online Form.
    • Please allow a couple of business days if a response is required. If immediate assistance is needed, please call.
Report Writing
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What We Do

Patrol covers all of Cleveland County, which is a geographical area of approximately 558 square miles. Patrol Districts or Beats are divided into 5 areas. Patrol’s primary responsibility is responding to calls for service, taking reports, resolving disputes, ensuring traffic safety, conducting traffic enforcement, the taking of lost or abandoned large domestic animals or livestock, crime prevention, assisting other law enforcement agencies when requested, and making arrests. The men and women of Patrol are committed to providing the best law enforcement services possible

Patrol Deputies are often the first police official to arrive on the scene. They conduct preliminary investigations and complete any required police reports. The reports are then forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Detachment (CID) for assessment for investigative assignment.

There are many Patrol Deputies with specialized training or specialized teams assigned within Patrol. These positions are:

  • Canine Deputy
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Deputy
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Deputy
  • Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Mobile Unit Safety Team (MUST)
  • Offender Registry Enforcement (ORE) Team
  • Special Response Team (SRT)
  • School Resource Deputy
  • Traffic Collision Reconstructive Team