Visitation Rules

  • You must call the receptionist between 8:00am to 7:30pm to schedule a visit.

  • It must be scheduled 1 business day before your visit.

  • We do not accept walk-ins.

  • Appointments are not flexible, except during inclement weather in which we will contact you.

  • Visitation is over video/phone chat. There are no face to face visits or contact visits.

  • The visits are only 15 minutes long.

  • You may not visit if you have been incarcerated within the last 90 days.

  • We do not have visitation on weekends or holidays.

  • Inmates may only have 2 visitors per day.

  • Visitors may only visit twice a week.

  • Must have a valid state issued id.

  • Must be here 15 minutes early prior to the visit or the visit will be cancelled.

  • All visitors must wear a full shirt, nothing low cut or you may not visit.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to visit. You may not take children into the visitation area. Children are not to be left unsupervised in the lobby.

  • No cell phones are allowed in the visitation area and you must be seated.


Visiting Hours

Ph: 405-701-7701
Ph: 405-701-7702

Monday – Friday (Excluding Holidays) 

The time slots a visitor may schedule: 
If the time slot you are requesting is full, you will have to select another time or another day to visit.

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