SafeX Program

What is safeX Program?

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) created the safe exchange program to provide peace of mind and a safe place for parents and children to conduct child exchanges for court ordered visitation. These locations have been identified as being under constant recorded video surveillance and are available for use for child exchanges. The recordings of these exchanges are available in the event there is illegal activity. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office safe exchange program is called “safeX”.

Is there a cost for the safeX program?

CCSO and our partnering businesses and agencies are providing this service Free of Charge to the citizens of Cleveland County because we all care about children and their safety.

How do I find the safeX locations?

Anyone can find a safeX location by going to or downloading the CCSO mobile App, and clicking on the safeX program icon. Once there, you will find a map and a listing of all safeX locations. You can also look for the


painted on the ground of local parking spots throughout Cleveland County. If you see one, it is a safeX location.

What do I need to know?

Please be aware that CCSO and our partnering businesses and agencies will not “pick sides” or “be personally involved” in any domestic proceedings or pending civil litigation. A bad parental exchange involving a child can do long lasting harm and create issues for the child for years to come. The only desire of CCSO and our Partners is to protect children from harm, minimize the effect of violence and fear, and ensure that adults having difficulty in dealing with their relationships do not place children in the middle of their adult issues.

In the event a crime occurs during a child exchange, CCSO and partners will do the following:
• Cooperate fully with Law Enforcement
• Provide video evidence to support prosecution for criminal charges

In the event that a crime occurs, you will need to immediately file a report with local Law Enforcement. The recorded video will only be able to be retrieved for up to 10 days from the date of the child exchange.

For more information about the SafeX program or becoming a partner, please contact the Community Programs Coordinator at 405-701-8829.

Safe X Parking Spots
Parking spaces will look like this.
SAFE X Program logo
Click the Map for more details on each location.
Map 8_16_16 safex

Safe Exchange Program Locations

North Norman & Moore Area
Cleveland County Detention Center 

(After 8pm Week nights, Anytime on Weekends)
DO Patch Update

Norman Regional Hospital Moore 


Warren Theater 

warren theater logo

East Norman
Country Boy Market 

Country Boy Offical logo

Central Norman
Sheriff Office Headquarters 

(After 5pm weekdays, open all weekend)
Sheriff's Logo

Sam’s Club (Norman) 

sams club logo

Norman Regional Hospital Healthplex 


Lexington Area
H & T Quick Stop (Conoco) 

Finish Line (Gas and Go)