Who We Are

The Records Office is a department of the Operations Division. It employs 2 full time employees. It has a variety of different duties. It is located downtown on the northeast corner of Main Street and Peters Avenue at 111 N. Peters Ave., Suite 600, Norman, Oklahoma.

What We Do

All Records Office employees work closely with the public, our Deputies and other law enforcement agencies. Its primary responsibility is retaining all Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) arrest, crime, incident and traffic collision reports. After reports are completed by Deputies they are turned into Records. All original reports are maintained by the Records Office. Copies of reports are $5 and free to crime victims.


Backgrounds Checks

The Records Office also completes background checks using the CCSO Office Records’ Computerized Data Base. Our Records Office can only check our agency’s records. Background checks are normally requested for Self Defense Act (Weapons Carry) Licenses, CLEET certificates, job applications, military recruiting, adoptions, and real estate licenses. Backgrounds are completed during regular business hours. The charge for background checks is $5.00.

Clerk Checking Records

Phone Operator

The Records Office also answers all incoming phone calls. Our main number is 405-701-8888. When calling this number you will get an automated message that directs you to a group. If the group you need is not referenced, press O for the operator, and you will be transferred to the Records Office. The Records Office will then refer you the appropriate area you need.

How to Contact Us

  • Headquarters, Downtown, Norman, OK
  • 111 N. Peters Ave. Suite 600
  • Main Phone: 405-701-8888
  • Receptionist Phone: 405-701-8800

Business Hours

The Records Office regular business hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.