Cleveland County Sheriff


(405) 701-8888                     FAX: (405) 310-3739


for any reason or purpose is only done on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1pm and 3pm at our downtown Norman office inside the Chase building. No appointments. Walk-ins only. Fingerprinting isn't done during holiday weeks, unless the holiday is on a Monday or Tuesday. Prints are made with ink on paper, not digitally.



Handgun license applicants must get their fingerprints done at the sheriff’s office. Fingerprinting is included in the sheriff’s office’s $25.00 fee for processing these applications. The $25.00 fee must be paid with a money order or cashier’s check made out to CCSO (Cleveland County  Sheriff’s Office).

For all other fingerprints the fee is $5.00 per card (both hands fit on one card).   The fee must be paid with cash, money order or cashier’s check. If you bring cash, please bring the correct change.

(If you are notified that your prints aren’t considered “FBI quality”, we will try again, but only on Wednesday or Thursday between 1 and 3pm. There’s no charge for re-prints.)


Some tag agencies and many other law enforcement agencies do fingerprinting. If our hours aren’t convenient for you, please contact these offices for days, times, fees, and exact location.

Fuson Tag Agency (877) 219-0197                                        Midwest City Police (405) 739-1320
Moore Police Department, but only if you live within the city limits of Moore (405) 793-5134
Norman Police (405) 366-5384                                    Oklahoma County Sheriff  (405)  713-1000  
O U Police (405) 325-1717                                                              Purcell Police (405) 527-4600