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The Mission of S-CAP:

The mission of The S-CAP Navigation Program for Women is to assist Cleveland County, Oklahoma’s justice involved women and mothers from returning to jail by providing 24/7 navigating, advocating, and educating services which stops the negative emotional, financial and social impact on their children, the community and themselves

What can S-CAP do for me?

S-CAP can support you in taking a path in life that will help you stay out of legal trouble. Often, this path involves assistance in finding and keeping work and employment, education, housing, leisure and socialization, and social support. S-CAP Navigators will help you identify the issues you face and identify where to start in getting solutions you find satisfying. They can also help you imagine goals and support you in your course of action. S-CAP staff are experienced, talented, diverse, and committed to helping you get your life on track.

“Helping women to open doors and improve their lives.”

What is S-CAP for Women?

S-CAP stands for Second Chance Access Pilot It is a program of the Cleveland County Sherriff’s Office that began October 1, 2010 and is funded by a grant from the United States Department of Justice. S-CAP is a program for women over the age of 18 who have been in contact with the law for a non-violent offense or have served time in jail or prison.

What happens when I enroll in S-CAP?

First Step Goal
We understand how tough it is to make a successful re-entry back into the community and we understand that women who have had experience with jail or the law face many challenges and have needs they struggle with. The first step is to start work on moving your life forward and achieving the things that you feel will improve your well-being. S-CAP staff is committed to work hard to help you achieve the things you find important and to support you in doing so.

Second Step Promise
S-CAP Navigators will help you to address each issue and situation you think is important, helping you to identify immediate actions steps that will help you move forward. We will work together with you to identify, review, and prioritize the issues you want to address in order to move forward and improve your well-being

Third Step Success
After you have addressed the issues you face, a Navigator will help you to look at what you have accomplished and to then plan your future by laying out the goals and objectives that you find meaningful. There are many possibilities here, so you may imagine the direction you wish to take whether this is to improve your housing, strengthen your family life, find better employment, or advance your education.

S-CAP offers classes that will support you in the work and career path of your choosing.

These classes include:

S-CAP offers participants other opportunities to meet and work with other women with similar backgrounds to socialize, find support, and gain skills and knowledge through classes, activities, and events.

These activities include social outings, opportunities to enhance your skills or learn something new, and opportunities to meet new people. S-CAP values your interests and works to support you in the path you choose in achieving your goals and improve your well-being and direction. G.P.S. Goal, Promise, and Success

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RECOMMENDATION: From Governor Fallon and the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth. Implement a “navigator program” using Cleveland County’s S-CAP program as a model for all counties across the state of Oklahoma.


Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office
128 S. Peters, Norman, OK, 73069