The Operations Division provides the core law enforcement mission for the Sheriff’s Office. The division consists of patrol, investigations, communications, offender registry, school deputies, civil, judicial services and records. The division also has several specialized personnel including an intimate partner domestic violence investigator, a child victim crime investigator and K-9 teams with tracking and narcotics detection capabilities. 

Most Sheriff’s Office deputies and civil employees live and work in Cleveland County. We believe in inspiring positive success by transforming one life at a time. This vision is supported by our mission to courageously protect and compassionately serve Cleveland County residents. Building relationships in the community is a core value as people matter and partnerships increase our effectiveness.

Please don’t hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office with ideas or suggestions you believe may aid us in improving our services.

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Click the image above to see a video about a crime reduction operation in Slaughterville, Oklahoma. 

Operations Division contacts:

Chief of Operations Jose Chavez 405-701-8819

Captain of Patrol Marcus Williams 405-701-8732 or 405-701-8291

Captain of Investigations Jeff Cox 405-701-8729

Communications  Supervisor Aubrey Scanlan 405-701-8927

Capt. Jeff Cox heads up the Criminal Investigation Detachment


To protect and serve with integrity

No where is our commitment to courageously protect and compassionately serve more evident than in the Operations Division where we patrol the roadways, respond to calls, protect our schools and our courthouse, investigate crime and serve victim protection orders and other civil papers. 


We are committed to the highest level of integrity in our dealings with others through doing the right thing while simultaneously being accountable. Part of that accountability comes through transparency and our open display of our stewardship of the people’s office.