The Operations Division provides the core law enforcement mission for the Sheriff’s Office. The division consists of patrol, investigations, communications, offender registry, school deputies, civil, records, training, and self defense applications. The division also has several specialized personnel and specialty teams. We provide full law enforcement services and are capable of providing the same services as most police municipalities in our area.

The men and women of the Operations Division are members of the Cleveland County community. Most of us live here and we all work here. Our hope is that you share our vision of a safe and pleasant community. We are honored and proud to represent our Cleveland County Community Family, both on and off duty. We will strive to always be a source of pride for the entire county.

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Please don’t hesitate to call your Sheriff’s Office with ideas or suggestions you believe may aid us in improving our services.

Operations Division:

  • Chief of Operations 405-701-8819
  • Operations Division Supervisors:
    • Shift A Patrol Captain 405-701-8281
    • Shift B Patrol Captain 405-701-8226
    • Shift C Patrol Captain 405-701-8243
    • Shift D Patrol Captain 405-701-8226
    • Captain of Investigations 405-701-8734
    • Communications Supervisor 405-701-8927
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More importantly we are committed to maintaining law and order. We want to ensure your protection and safety. We will make every effort to deter crime and provide the best quality law enforcement service possible. We will be persistent and aggressively pursue those who choose to violate the law. We will be respectful, fair, show empathy, and be impartial when enforcing the law. Our duty is to promote public trust by upholding our obligations to you, admitting when we’ve made a mistake and holding division personnel accountable for the high honor of public service.

We know to be successful we require citizen involvement. Through these partnerships, problems will be identified, and together we will develop solutions to correct them. Together we hope to create the best quality of life for our county. We believe our greatest asset is our people, but our strength is our citizens and our partnerships.

Sheriff Officers Saluting a Flag