Offender Registry Enforcement (ORE)

Who We Are

The Offender Registry Enforcement (ORE) Unit is part of the Operations Division. It employs 1 commission deputy. The Unit is augmented by 2 Patrol Deputies. The unit ensures all Cleveland County Sex and Violent Offender Registrants are registered and in compliance with all State and Federal Laws. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for registering and monitoring all offenders who are required to register. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) only registers offenders that are located in unincorporated areas within Cleveland County. Any municipality having a police department must register and monitor registrants residing in their city.

sex offender registry

How to Contact Us

  • Primary Contact, Detective B. Dominic: 405-701-8723
  • Secondary Contact Detective J. Pyle: 405-701-8734

What We Do

The ORE Unit registers and maintains individual files on all CCSO Registrants. The files include updated photographs, addresses, phone numbers, job information, vehicle data and fingerprints. DNA samples are taken by DOC. Upon receiving information that a CCSO Registrant is not in compliance an investigation is initiated. The ORE Unit also does regular unannounced compliance checks. If there are any violations of the law criminal charges are filed.

As of 2015 CCSO has a total of 65 registrants. Two are violent with the remaining being Sex Offenders. Criminal charges have been filed on 21 CCSO registrants.

  • Offender Registration location is the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, 111 N. Peters Ave. Norman, OK 73069.
  • Address verifications can be completed at anytime on Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • New registrants, address changes etc. will need to be scheduled ahead of time with the coordinator.

Find information about sex and violent crime offenders in your area. National information is available from Family Watchdog.